MESTER Businesspark Budapest
       Customer        CPB (Constantia Privatbank)
       Federal province        Ungarn
       Period        2001-2010
       Value        € 363.364.200,-
In 2001, the Constantia private bank, a subsidiary of the stock market listed company Immofinanz AG, has purchased the brownfield of the former slaughterhouse of the Hungarian capital, H-1090 Budapest, Gubacsi út 6. The premises occupy an area of 496.800 square meters containing various former plants and industrial buildings, some of them historical and listed like the water tower and the hall for pigs. At the beginning of 2002, Gobiet & Partner ZT Ges.m.b.H. in cooperation with the architecture company Haus der Technik, Dipl. Ing. Schwaighofer und Partner ZT GmbH was assigned to develop a master plan.

The master plan highlights a total building area of about 401.140 square meters with about 289.400 square meters for floor space and 156.450 square meters for parking facilities. Following the principle of the unrestricted planning of construction stages ? 4 to 9 building stages are possible, the respective building units will be planned as separate major projects, which can be subdivided consequently according to their future use. The space allocation plan of the area highlights a functionally self-contained business park, which should loom out clearly to all sides guaranteeing insight to it from most facilities and corners.

The parking space is surrounded by various building units and divided into several squares, inner courts and bower areas which, in turn, merge on all sides and provide a variety of experience and space situations. The parking space is lowered to the level of the basement to intensify the feeling of space and increase the floor space connected to the area. A central creative element on the campus are the two spacey fountains that are located on two different squares at different levels and connected so that the water runs from the upper one, in open trenches and over vertical plains, down to the lower level.

The water tower will be conserved as single monument which will form the hub of the park and be connected via a bridge from each upper floor to the neighbouring office buildings. The former hall for the pigs, a building that is listed and has to be preserved as well, will be developed and adapted as the central area of a zone for infrastructure and other special purposes.

Traffic will access the premises after their completion mostly from the two long sides of the area over the Gubacsi Street and Mester Street. A street connection, which divides the premises into two halves, will form the central belt for the traffic to access the two levels of the site. Minor exit and access roads will be an all four sides of the area.

Pedestrians will also access the premises over the two central areas mentioned above, which are also close to the Gubasci Street where the stations for public transport will be located. Another access way for pedestrians will be at the corner Gubacsi Street ? Koppany Street.

Each object can be erected as office or service headquarters, if required according to their own corporate identity, which can also contain additional storage facilities, labs and service areas.

Infrastructure for sports, culture, health and recreation together with administration, gastronomy and shop areas make up a multi-purpose core site.

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