Hemmings Brüssel
       Customer        Bill Hemmings
       Federal province        Belgien
       Period        2004-2007
       Value        € 4.500.000,-
In the Old Town of Brussels, a new five-storey building will be erected incorporating the historical substance of the original building.

The space and function plan allots the following utilisations to the respective building areas: a place to eat in the ground floor, office buildings from the first to the fourth floor, apartments in the fifth floor.

The historical façade forms the frame for the modern interior refurbishment with state-of-the-art technology.

The aim of the renovation is to create an open and bright office building with attractive apartments in the attic.
The target is the erection of modern architecture that fits into the attractive historic neighbourhood of the Old Town of Brussels.

In the course of the construction activities, the historically valuable side of the building that faces the inner court must be conserved; the dilapidated façade has to be reconstructed and made similar to the appearance of the neighbouring buildings. The challenge in the construction and reconstruction of this old town building will be to work in accordance with the rules and regulations for the preservation of the cultural heritage of the city centre of Brussels as well as the effort which will be necessary to protect and incorporate the historical substance of this building.

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