Customer        Efaflex Torsysteme, Ferdinand Türtscher
       Federal province        Baden
       Period        2002 - 20
Line and co-ordination, abatement, Capacity, preliminary draft, engineering design, Submission, Execution, Advertisement, Co-operation with the assignment, Production monitoring
The company EFAFLEX manufactures high-speed Roltore in the highest Quality segment. The new building of a Factory a Propertyin the flat country under bathing, in range of vision became B 17 (Federal highway with high traffic frequency), selected. The building ground is part of a trade area, at present is however only isolated plots, and not in direct neighbourhood to the project, cultivates. The new object lands thus in the middle in the field. The building contents is divided into a Office enterprise (sales and administration), with high requirement to the spatial Quality, and one resounds to the storage and device of the gates which can be delivered, where daily only a small duration of stopover is to be expected. F? the workshop are a good delivering barness (over a EFAFLEX - Roll gate, with examination and beam of light) and neutral illuminating (upperlight along the outside Side walls) a condition. The situation in the middle in the field, with the perspective that the adjacent Building sites with industrial buildings are filled, has in addition led, a increased situation of the Office part to suggest. A waiving of the Office surface conditionally on the one hand unite constructional expenditure, brings however an enormous improvement of the spatial situation, and forms at the same time a protected Vorbereich in rough weather for the entrance to the office and the distribution of the gates. Additionally shows the building of B 17 its forehead, and functions as carrier of the firm label. The Logo of the company is a jumping Panther. The linkage of building and Logo is obvious. The nonspecific building ground permits to develop the building from its contents: Those resounds is ebenerdig, the office range develops from the generously covered entrance over an input area with view after southwest and area for Discussions with more einlaeufiger, transverselying stairs and air space up into the upper stick. The office surface in the upper floor is generously vitreous at three pages, with electrically controllable sun protection lamellas in the space between panes with the glassy toward southeast and southwest. Skylights over staircase and social room bring additional daylight in the center of the offices. The happening in resounds and production can over a window from the office to be regarded. A matte, metallic panel skin (metal panel inside and outside identically to 12 cm thermal insulation between them) encloses the solidium, office range and entrance by glazing is emphasized. The steel box girder the load demolition of the protection as well as the cavities of the prestressed concrete hall cover of the building services as large heating element for the building heating and cooling are used as it were (Hypokausten principle, before keeping at a moderate temperature terrestrial collector).