Millennium Tower
       Customer        Stumpf Immobilien
       Federal province        Wien
       Period        1996-1999
Submission, Execution, Advertisement, Co-operation with the assignment, Production monitoring, Line and co-ordination, abatement, Capacity, preliminary draft, engineering design
The building site at the commercial dock is appropriate for the office tower put on on it (Millennium Tower) with approx. 47.000mē BGF as well as a 7-geschossigen housing body for 400 dwellings, put on in chamber-like structure, near the Danube banks, the solidium covers four underground parking projectiles for 1500 stehplaetze, a base construction body with a purchase and a Gastrozentrum in 2 levels with approx. 25.000mē, liegeden over it.

Planning and problem solution that house-technical plants became by the strict editions of the authorities the challenge.

The versatility of the use required a number of individual solutions that house-technical tasks.

The office tower Millennium Tower is the outstanding construction unit of the project and is one of the most salient buildings of Vienna.

The office tower exhibits an overall height of 202m and represents the highest building of Austria and third-highest buildings of Europe.

The balanced concept of the architects is aligned to high functionality and highest possible use of the surface offer.

A crucial meaning comes to the TGA trades in this connection.

Contrary to other office tower conceptions here decentralized ventilation systems were carried out. The ventilation systems are in each case in the core range in each 3. Accommodated and in each case 3 superimposed office projectiles supply projectile in a technique area. The fresh air sucking in and/or waste air blowing takes place protected in a return of the tower back.

With this decentralized system only a minimum surface is needed for Schaecht (technique and pit surfaces smaller than 2%).

The refrigeration supply is made by 4 refridgerators with ever approx. 600 KW. The use of the Danubenear groundwater for cooling purposes was examined intensively.