Apotheke zum L÷wen von Aspern
       Customer        Dr. Wilhelm Schlagintweit KG
       Federal province        Wien
       Period        2002-2003
preliminary draft, engineering design, Submission, Execution, Advertisement, Co-operation with the assignment, Production monitoring, Line and co-ordination, abatement, Capacity
Property is central part of the old Asperner of local centre and exhibits fronts both to the Grossenzersdorferstrasse and to the Zachgasse. To the Grossenzerdorferstrasse a Vorgartenzone with old birke at the boundary line the entrance place, at close range of the Zachgasse increases dominates a powerful Kastanie the area and to the Zachgasse coins/shapes in the preferred gehsteig two young maple trees the front. The new pharmacy is developed as open, transparent space sequence of the Grossenzersdorferstrasse (main front with shop window and customer entrance) up to the Zachgasse (supplier air-lock and coworker entrance). Like a flying carpet a widespread view concrete cover lies and forms by the bent upward ends at the roadsides the conclusion to the adjacent roads over this open area. Walls and covers on the inside are provided out locally poured concrete without joints, large precast concrete parts form the bent upward ends of the upper floor. Yards intersperse the built volumes: A large yard around the Kastanie is openly to the Zachgasse, a small atrium also again-planted Gingko tree brings light and nature into the central pharmacy range. The installation course of nature and its welfare plants is resumed by the monastery garden (gardengarden garden for guidance) and the roof terraces to the stay in the free one for coworkers and visitor in the upper floor. The sales room is structured by optical patterns, which are concisely let in into the concrete cover, where it into the area wrote off forms it shelves. The sales room is structured in such a way by topic volumes, to which in each case a consulting place can be assigned.